Iron Micro Particles Improve Digestibility

Iron Micro Particles Improve Digestibility

Iron deficiency is one of the most important nutritional disorders, and can cause health problems. Food fortification with minerals often induces unacceptable organoleptic changes during the preparation process and storage, has low bioavailability and solubility, and is expensive. Micro particle surface modification to obtain novel characteristics can be a useful tool to overcome these problems.

Modern Medicine – Issue 4 2023

Busting the Dairy Myths

Busting the Dairy Myths – MM1705

Ongoing confusion and misinformation about dairy are hampering the important contribution it makes to the nutritional quality of the South African diet. That is the view of private practising dietitian Dr Tuschka Reynders, at a dieticians seminar, titled “Go with Your Gut.”

Modern Medicine – May 2017

The Role of Nutrition in Pregnancy

The Role of Nutrition in Pregnancy – MM1610

A woman’s suboptimal nutrition during pregnancy affects the development and health of her unborn child into adulthood. The process occurs via epigenetic changes that alter the ‘programming’ of developing organs and tissues. Suboptimal nutrition in utero can also result in these changes being transmitted to the woman’s grandchildren. Nutritional deficiencies can reduce a woman’s chance of conceiving and increase the likelihood of complications during pregnancy. The proportion of women with nutritional deficiencies is high. Nutritional testing and supplementation of women at risk is simple. Nutritional deficiency can also greatly increase the risk of cancer, mental illnesses and cardiovascular disease for the child in adulthood.

Modern Medicine – October 2016

Osteoarthritis Improvement Through Diet Alkalinisation

Osteoarthritis Improvement Through Diet Alkalinisation – MM1508

A study conducted at the MEDSAC hospital in Somerset West, Western Cape by researchers from the University of Stellenbosch, found that the dietary supplementation with A Vogel Multiforce (MF) Alkaline Powder significantly reduced pain, tenderness and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis of the hands.

Modern Medicine – August 2015

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