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Modern Medicine  has been an integral part of the South African medical magazine market for the past 42 years. In that time it has developed a strong name as a clinical & academic publication that serves the many educational needs of its readers.

Distributed free-of-charge, on a monthly basis, to the top private-practicing doctors around the country, it is well-read and enjoyed.¬†Modern Medicine¬†circulates in print to an ABC-audited list of 4’655¬†of the top GPs, specialists, and decision-makers in the local medical¬†industry, as well as to all of the top personnel at local private¬†medical institutions.

As a Hybrid magazine it then circulates to a further¬†28’738¬†GPs, specialists, pharmacists and VIPs in SA.

Whatever your market, Modern Medicine can help you to communicate with them efficiently and effectively, at a fraction of the cost you would encounter advertising through other means.

Modern Medicine is a SAMA accredited provider of continuing professional development (CPD) material. Providing its readers with 24 Clinical, and 12 Ethics Points each year, doctors rated the CPD programme as vitally important.

At Modern Media Publishing, ‘Top Service’ is our credo! If you would like to know more, please give us a call – all of our contact details are available on the ¬†‘Contact Us’ menu that is linked above.

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